Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Miss Sexy Legs Resin Figure

this is how I describe, the key creative elements of this upcoming resin figures a touch of sexsy,erotic,cybernetic,bio alien genetics,old, old vintage toy and we got some explosive mix here!
this toy is part of a series I call "cyber erotic" toy is dubbed "Miss Sexy Legs"
Here are the very ruff ruff sketches of the concepts. I will be updating a better sketch and illustration of "Miss Sexy Legs.
side note; This toy is part original and part mash-up with porcelain vintage parts that I enjoy collecting. I am starting to do some pieces with the incorporation of vintage toy parts I been gathering over a year now, from thrift stores, found, or hunted toys, to use specifically for parts that can be used to bring forth my creative visions

here are some of the ruff sketches of "Miss Sexy Legs" which are just the primal idea but they are much more ideas for this character it will also be applied to a few toys to customize to make it fun and see what comes out of it all toys will be for sale when done so stay tuned and see this project come alive

this is the WIP shot of the casting of vintage parts that I am using for this production.

here are some very , ruff, ruff sketches of Miss Sexy Legs 1

here are some very , ruff, ruff sketches of Miss Sexy Legs 2

here is a sneak peek at a "Ms. Sexy Legs" in a custom Mini Eyezone that I decided to do
the Eyezone is one of my favorite modern Kaiju toys based on classic Kaiju design buy awesome artist and creator Mark Nagata here is a link to his website

The day I finally started on project I posted on Facebook the primal concepts just to see what the feed back was I usually do that on a regular basis and Luckily Andy from Toysrevil picked up the sketches and the idea and blogged it see what he has to say about this figurine click on following link in purple to see post

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cyberphunkk Original resin Figures

The Observer

Is a Being from another dimension of the quantum spectrum, that travels through worm holes in power points across the universe , he is channeled by massive radiant changing energy so where there is a momentum of forces being changed like ying & yang, positive and negative, friction is what attracts this creature so you find him in places where the energies are radiating in a condense state.

The energy could be positive could be negative. He is there to see it all and make note, for He is the informant of "Karma". Therefore he is sent out by Karma to keep an eye on all that is attracting high frequencies of energy's into the Quantum Spectrum. He has been send out through out passages of time.

This creature has traveled in order to establish order per the laws of Karma trough light years of space and time.

each piece is custom painted individually and made different than the other piece from the foundation in the color blend and materials to the finishing touches each piece for this first series is a 1/1 which only 13th where produced and 4 are been put for sale for sale here. the first series and it measures almost 3 inches

this toy design is a mixture of cultures you can say this an eclectic futuristic mash of cultural design it is inspired by Pre-Hispanic art, Kaiju and urban toys made in my small studio in Pilsen, Chicago, IL Cyberphunkk Studios.

The series are each custom painted and will come bagged and has a header on top, with a mini 5x 6 framed art print signed and dated by artist

BUY IT NOW ONLY 65$ includes shipping.

The Observers are here!

The Observers are here!

The Observers are here!

it includes this

Limited Edition Print

exclusive for this release

4x 6 framed

THE OBSERVER print 1 4x6

Comes with Header and Bagged

The Observer packaged!


Buy them now Here they are located in NYC USA & resins
OR BUY Them directly from my shop Monstajuice

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Monstababy by cyberphunkk
Monstababy, a photo by cyberphunkk on Flickr.

Via Flickr:


is here!

A mutant, alien & octopus hybrid baby found near the beach inside the body of a giant squid this baby has been found adopt this baby now and add it to your family.

Finally the Release of my very special and all Original Monstababy a 17 inch collectible Toy/Doll

with Rotating arms and legs, this is first of its Kind based on my concept Monstababy developed at beginning of 2011 in sometime in Jan or Feburary.

this toy is hand molded and painted it has its baby clothing gear which is air brushed add this unique one a kind and first of its kind to your toy collection.

this toy is for adults and it is inspired by Monster movies and Kaiju art.

designed and crafted By Emmanuel L White Eagle 2011

all copyrights reserved to Emmanuel L White Eagle.

but it now